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September 6, 2023 | Costello

Alternate Archive

The last time we changed the site’s server, the archives stopped working. For anyone looking to relive the whole LFG adventure up to the indefinite hiatus, we offer this alternative.

This is a work in progress, published early so that those who need it in any state have access to it.

Issue 1

The issue that kicked it all off. Good, but naïve, but gorgeous elven archer Cale believes there’s good in the world and wants to help. Richard, sadistic undead warlock, disagrees and wants to watch Cale fail. Benny, jaded half-breed healer, hates Cale’s ideology but is using him as a means to an end alongside her adoptive father, Krunch, hulking philosophical Bloodrage warrior.

Featuring the first appearances of Cale, Richard, Benny, Aelloon, Sooba, Krunch, Tim, and Styx, as well as The Fork Of Truth.

From page 1 to page 32.

Issue 2

The search for The Sword of Truth takes the group to a castle in Gamlon, and sends Cale on a time travel adventure. He meets ancient elves, including Tavor, who quickly becomes the Storm Shadow to his Snake Eyes. This leads them across the ocean to Kethenecia.

Featuring the first appearances of Leena (in ghost, ghost child, and child forms), Tavor, and Tah’Vraay, as well as Richard’s battle cry “For Pony”.

From page 33 to page 60.

Issue 3

Cale crosses paths with a much older Tavor in Kethenecia, bringing the old elf on Cale’s second time travel adventure in as many issues. Maybe he shouldn’t have, since Tavor tries to kill a kindly old Archmage. All the old caster did was try to convince Cale to murder an innocent child in the name of destiny. With the help of violent dwarf bard Pella, and a sagely Elder Dragon, Cale successfully kills an innocent child. Or did he..?

Featuring the first appearances of The Archmage, Pella, and The Elder Dragon.

From page 61 to page 88.

Issue 4

A despondent Cale, trapped on a path that forced him to kill an innocent child (or DID he?) settles for mercenary work. The job he takes—saving a village from angry elemental forces—reminds him of why he set out to do good in the first place. Even Richard sees some value in being good, which breaks the babality curse his former familiar Hctib placed on him.

Also, despite her claims, new ally Pella might not be helping purely out of boredom.

Featuring the first appearances of Hctib and the Fel Bunny.

From page 89 to page 116.

Issue 5

There’s unrest in the North. Tensions begin between the Bloodrage and The Sisters. But when the group investigates, they get captured and tortured. Then rescued.

Featuring the first appearances of Ray’d Bool, and Doral.

From page 117 to page 144.

Issue 6

The war for the North heats up when the trolls and gnomes get involved. But the group has to handle matters without their ace in the hole, because the Sisters whisk Richard away to stand trial in The Plane of Suck.

From page 145 to page 172.

Issue 7

Benny has a run in with the man she was forced to marry, Rojave. Speaking of forced unions, Richard partially possesses Cale. Together, they find Captain Tah’Vray, and the males of the blue elves, the Sons.

From page 173 to page 200.

Issue 8

The North unites to fight off a Legaran invasion, but did their infighting up till now weaken their forces too much to defend themselves? Yes. The Bloodrage are all but wiped out. But hey, we learn more about where Pella’s allegiance lies.

From page 201 to page 228.

Issue 9

What, you didn’t think LFG was a political drama? Well it is, now more than ever! Richard returns to Pretty Pretty Unicorn, the little village up the coast that he’s mayor of. Twist, they’re all secretly undead! He razes the Legion missionaries trying to indoctrinate his people. Y’know, typical political drama stuff.

From page 229 to page 256.

Issue 10

The Bloodrage swear allegiance to Cale, but the gnomes aren’t willing to leave their home. That’s why Pella goes rogue, kills some gnomes, and blows up their tower.

From page 257 to page 284.

Issue 11

The theme of this issue is tactical movement. The Sons reunite with the Sisters. Richard’s undead townsfolk journeys to Kethenecia. The trolls return. There’s a portal to Kethenecia that would give the North a huge tactical advantage. But what’s more important: Cale and Benny totally hook up! She’s all “Hey,” and he’s all “Hello” and then they kiss, and that’s all we get to see, but they definitely engage in some tactical movement, if you know what I mean.

From page 285 to page 312.

Issue 12

The group goes to find the portal to Kethenecia, but the Knights of the Way are in their way! And, twist, they’re lead by Leena in adult, non-ghost form. Speaking of ghosts, we see ghosts of the past. A young boy, named Lord Richard, with a love for gardening. And Shora, Cale’s wife.

Featuring the first appearances of Lord Richard and Shora.

From page 313 to page 340.

Issue 13

Welcome to Cale’s past life. We see his days training at a monastery, when he meets his master, his wife, and Sooba (three different individuals, for the record). After Cale catches Shora cheating, he leaves, only for his master to kill his wife! And she was on it! At least up to the dead wife part. A disembodied voice implies that someone else was in one it. Including the dead wife part.

From page 341 to page 368.

Issue 14

What the Legion divided north of Legara, Kethenecia united! And peace among the ancestries isn’t the only gap that’s been bridged. Pella extends an olive branch by giving Cale not one but two Swords of Truth! Despite the forces he’s amassed, Cale’s worried it won’t be enough to defend the city. So he sets out to find an artifact to control the sand dragons.

From page 369 to page 396.

Issue 15

Oh, wow, still doing that adventure in the sand? This goes on for a while. And, hey there are some good gags and memorable characters and all but yeah. Long side quest here.

From page 397 to page 424.

Issue 16

Aelloon brings the Legion to Kethenecia’s doorstep, but the combined forces of the group, Legion defectors, the Bloodrage, gnomes, trolls, and undead have an ace up their sleeve: The Knights of the Way and their portal. All while Richard struggles with the possibility of turning human for not killing enough innocents.

Which all sounds very serious, but there’s also jokes, people! There’s even an appearance by the Gruffalo, don’t you know.

From page 425 to page 452.

Issue 17

Two issues of planning come to a head! Cale’s united forces teleport back to the main island to attack Legara and find the king. It almost goes exactly as Cale planned…

From page 453 to page 480.

Issue 18

Tavor’s the king? But how? How?! Well, it ends up that Cale’s not the only time traveling elf with mysterious forces manipulating his destiny. And if you’re up on your four dimensional timelines, we discover that Tavor was the king of Legara this whole time, and also the reason people believe elves are treacherous. Then Cale kills him and and for all. Unless Richard was right that Tavor is a robot from space…

From page 481 to page 508.

Issue 19

Richard (who’s the Crown of Legara now, I didn’t mention that last issue) kills every heir to the throne until he’s exorcized and imprisoned by Aelloon and his Aegoons, then forced to go on a quest to kill the unkillable with Hctib. Meanwhile, Cale meets LFG’s undisputed greatest and most popular character.

Featuring the first appearances of Dnah.

From page 509 to page 536.

Issue 20

A group apart. Benny travels with Dnah and Tah’Vraay to Krunch’s archive. Richard and Hctib hunt down a book (after briefly flirting with the idea of killing a hand). Cale, Tim, and Sooba follow Maikos to Pretty, Pretty Unicorn. Also, Tah’Vraay and Krunch totally banged! In a flashback, of course. Krunch is dead. That’d be weird.

From page 537 to page 564.

Issue 21

Cale, Richard, and Benny’s paths converge when they meet The Innocent, a celetial being (who is way more OK with gay goblins than The One With Many Faces) that takes whatever form the viewer perceives as innocence. Wait, does that mean The Innocent is The One With Many Faces?

Also, Richard kills a whole zoo of innocent creatures to put off the whole “turning human” issue he and his village are facing.

From page 565 to page 592.

Issue 22

Richard gets a purse dragon, and Cale and Benny deal with their own baggage by beating up Legion soldiers with their bare hands. Speaking of hands, Aelloon gets his hands on The Book. Continuing to speak of hands, Aelloon also captures Dnah. And, unrelated to hands, Richard blows up a moon.

From page 593 to page 620.

Issue 23

Cale and Richard come to a peaceful agreement with the Squirrel Queen. That’s basically it. This whole issue is squirrel-centric. Oh, and Richard invents the printing press.

From page 621 to page 648.

Issue 24

With the group split along gender lines, the ladies go to the Thenkuohbanna Mountain Ranges (hilariously topical at the time) while the gents fight giant Rakkuns.

This also features a cameo appearance by Satan himself for the comic’s landmark 666th page.

From page 649 to page 676.

Issue 25

After experiencing life as and with a Spider Dick, Richard and Cale reunite with Benny, Pella, Tah’Vraay, and Dnah! The thrilling conclusion is great if you love unexpected callbacks, but I have to say as a big LFG fan who appreciated its longform storytelling, I found the conclusion to the Aelloon arc had unsatisfying continuity issues.

Benny reinforces that she needs a break from Cale.

From page 677 to page 704.

Issue 26

One year later!

From page 705 to page 732.

Issue 27

Issue 28

Issue 29

Issue 30

Issue 31

Issue 32

Issue 33

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Issue 35

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Issue 63

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